Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Come with me if wanna see anything worthwhile"

So, while I was sitting here pondering the future of this blog and letting the days pass by with empty entries, I finally decided I just need to start somewhere. It doesn't need to be brilliant, eloquent, it just needs to be. So great, I decide to get started. On what? To skim over lame introduction posts, I'm just going to jump into this headfirst. The water's not as cold when you cannonball in, right?

So, this blog is my 'opinion' on various things I come across in my day-to-day; mainly, pop culture commentary. And what do I know? Well, I know music. I'm not going to fool anyone by saying I'm one of those music elitists, but I know my fair share. So! I like music, I like writing, ergo I like writing about music.

"CD Review: The Audition - The Champion"
So, The Audition's this band that I've liked for awhile. Their first release, Controversy Loves Company created a small ripple in the "scene" (as its been lovingly deemed - I'm sure I'll have more to say about that in a later entry), mainly with the song "Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns." They fell into the category of one of "my" bands (I kind of have this easy way of telling if a band is my kind of music or not, and its also very obvious to others), and I saw their live show Nov. '06, opening for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - and it was lackluster at best. Vocals weren't strong, and the lead singer had this cocky air about him that dissuaded me from the band.

But, I didn't give up completely. Their new single, "Warm Me Up" leaked over the holidays, and it, very frankly, contained surpassing amounts of kickassery. Vocally, melodically, and instrumentally it was on-point. Catchier than the pox. I had a renewed faith in the band.

To my joy the full LP, The Champion, leaked soon thereafter, and I remember giving a quick, blearly listen, and I had to pause the record for it was so good, I had to give it more time, and a proper listen. I came back later in full blast mode and attacked the CD head on. From the opening electric riffs in "Bashbat", it grabs and won't let go. Melodic drum cadences support the (admittingly) awesome vocals. Vocal work on The Champion is genius, really.

"Bashbat" lends itself right into "Warm Me Up" and from there its just Catchy Catchy Catchy. Every song has that memorable moment where you come back just to hear that guitar whine or lyric stuck in your head the entire day. The high point of the cd is the track "Hell to Sell" which, in its opening lines, references the song "Go to Heaven" two back on the disk: "Go to Heaven for the weather, but to Hell to sell." Then the guitar starts this awesome high pitched riff that matches the melody (which doesn't always work and sometimes feels lazy), but here, complements and accents the words wonderfully. The slide into the chorus and the almost jazz-like quality of the accents in the bridge keep this track on repeat.

I'm usually on a high after this song, so the next few tracks are a wonderful hangover that carry me peacefully through the disc, slowing in the (forgettable) song "What Gets You Through the Night." It ends back on a high with "Make it Rain," with lyrics that I can almost forgive: "Go run and tell all the neighbors, I'm going to grab her heart and not let go." Ehhhh. Again, its the slide into the chorus and the chord progression and the full, rock out feel that make it stick in my head. The Audition have topped themselves with this latest release, creating a perfect blend of pop-punk hooks and rock-out choruses with catchy riffs. The Audition live up the the pressures of a sophomore release, and I only hope for good things in their future.

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