Monday, December 20, 2010

Top Ten Albums of 2010


1. Sleigh Bells - Treats

This "noise pop" duo from Brooklyn create more than simply noise on Treats. From the high-energy intro to "Tell 'Em," the album doesn't drop the energy as smooth harmonies are laid over heavy guitars with thicker beats. Earns the number one spot for it's consistency from start to finish.
listen to: Run The Heart, Infinity Guitars, Riot Rhythm


2. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II

Another lesson in the importance of consistency, Crystal Castles delivered a record of interesting, and always danceable, indie electronica. Every track has a different flow and vibe, creating independent and yet cohesive tracks. Minimal and well-placed vocals make this one all about the music, and it does not go without notice.
listen to: Baptism, Vietnam, Pap Smear


3. Yeasayer - Odd Blood

Perhaps the most intriguingly diverse record of the year, with 80s pop songs and slow power ballads and a slew of instruments. Funky, soulful vocals balance the experimentational music style, creating the record that put Yeasayer on the map.
listen to: Love Me Girl, Rome, Mondegreen


4. Eclipse Soundtrack

Movie franchise aside, this selection of tracks stand apart as a blend of songs worthy of their own merit. The tracks are moody, bouncy, rhythmic, and original, and still work together to create a cohesive unit. This album will help anyone discover their new favorite song.
listen to: Atlas - Fanfarlo, Chop and Change - The Black Keys, Let's Get Lost - Beck and Bat For Lashes


5. Vampire Weekend - Contra

Proving they can avoid that sophomore slump, Vampire Weekend know how to deliver their signature sound while mixing in more of a pop vibe. The end result is a solid CD that would be welcomed from any fan of the Vampires.
listen to: Giving Up The Gun, White Sky, Holiday


6. Mumford And Sons - Sigh No More

Possibly the breakout band for the year, Mumford & Sons arrived in America with their acoustic folk and soulful lyrics, laced over either fast-strumming acoustic or lighter-picked melodies. They made their mark and proved they are not going anywhere.
listen to: Little Lion Man, White Blank Page, I Gave You All


7. A Day To Remember - What Separates Me From You

While the reviews are mixed on ADTR's second effort, there is no denying that the gang stay true to the spirit they've captured with their debut record. Perhaps more melodic and radio-friendly, but not at all a bad thing as ADTR deliver strong vocals blended perfectly with their guttural growls.
listen to: All I Want, 2nd Sucks, Better Off This Way


8. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

Silly and fluffy, but still musically and vocally strong as Perry delivers the same energy that made her first album so popular.
listen to: Teenage Dream, Circle The Drain, Firework


9. Bad Books - Bad Books

The brain-child of Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, these indie superpowers work together to make a record full of soft rock and acoustic ballads. Being featured in copious commercials doesn't hurt, either.
listen to: You Wouldn't Have Yo Ask, You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid, Please Move


10. Bionic - Christina Aguilera

Altogether a commercial letdown, Xtina experiments with an electronic and altogether pleasing sound on her latest. Always one to try something new, these tracks are danceable and vocally impeccable, proving even without big sales, Christina can till bring it.
listen to: Bionic, Prima Donna, You Lost Me

honorable mentions:
neon trees - habits
the spill canvas - formalities
tokyo police club - champ
kanye west - my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
margot and the nuclear so and so's - buzzard

Top 25 Singles for 2010

My pick for top singles of the year:

1. tell 'em - sleigh bells

2. whip my hair - willow smith

3. baptism - crystal castles

4. animal - miike snow

5. all I want - a day to remember

6. little lion man - mumford and sons

7. teenage dream - katy perry

8. one - yeasayer

9. we r who we r - kesha

10. runaway - kanye west

11. xxxo - mia

12. infinity guitars - sleigh bells

13. animal - neon trees

14. post acid - wavves

15. dog days are over - florence and the machine

16. monster- kanye west

17. magic - BOB ft. rivers cuomo

18. internet killed the video star - the limousines

19. boyfriend - best coast

20. you wouldn't have to ask - bad books

21. like a G6 - far east movement

22. dancing on my own - robyn

23. radioactive - kings of leon

24. king of anything - sara bareilles

25. bed intruder - antoine dodson