Sunday, December 14, 2008

A CD in Review: Folie A Deux

1. Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes - fantastic opener. It's reminiscent to Thriller, in that it's got the same feel musically. I love the hook so much, and the chanting "detox, just to retox."

2. I Don't Care - I love this song even more after hearing the whole CD. There's a thing about FAD where every song sort of fits in nicely, and musically this song is still so good. This is seriously a CD of chugging rock anthems.

3.She's My Winona - I still love the opening chords every time I hear it. Super-catchy song. Not my favorite lyrically (the thunder?) but I'll judge lyrics more once I have the booklet to read what Patrick is actually singing. (also into cats, anyone?)

4. America's Suitehearts - I like the little groove it's got to it and the huge chorus; I think this'll do nicely as a second single; it's definitely a radio song. My favorite part is still the "let's hear it forrr" at the end of the song.

5. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet - quite possibly one of my favorite fob songs ever. Since I've played it out so much it's lost a little shine, but when Patrick comes in yelling "Does your husband know?" I still get chills and crank it up.

6. The (Shipped) Gold Standard - the opening for this sounds like some super catchy pop song, but ngl I love it. There's a lot of good lyrics in this song, I kind of compare this song to "don't you know who I think I am?" for some reason. They have the same feel to me - like a good old fob song feel. idk.

7. (Coffee's For Closers) - beautiful music in this song, I love the strings so much. Songs like an Obama campaign song with the "change will come." The whole "I will never believe in anything again" doesn't really fit in with the rest of the lyrics in my opinion. But the song's so freakin beautiful I don't even care.

8. What A Catch, Donnie - I still can't get into this song. Musically, it's great, it just kind of bores me until the last minute (I adore all the cameos and the retrospective feel to it). That kind of makes up for it.

9. 27 - lovelovelove so hard. Patrick's vocals here are my favorite ever. The way he sings reminds me of ginasfs, and that's my favorite fob song of all time. The phrase "the planets align you're just like mars" kills me the way he sings it. And can we appreciate Joe Trohman on this album for a second? Epic guitar solos.

10. Tiffany Blews - One of my favorites, the opening is so good. And the harmonies in this, oh Patrick. I love the line "baby you're a classic, like a little black dress" for some reason. I actually like the Lil Wayne cameo, it's not like this crazy rap verse.

11. w.a.m.s. - I find that intro bass really creepy. The whole thing is in this creepy minor key but that's why I like it. And I love the chorus. Still curious as hell what wams stands for. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole music dropping out and Patrick singing this bluesy little acoustic tune; I kind of wish that it was a separate short track, like an interlude. I think the way they faded the music was weird, the first time I heard it I was like "wtf is going on?" It's cool and Patrick sounds awesome (the melody sounds like "no diggity" by blackstreet, doesn't it? I swear, look it up, it's the same.)

12. 20 Dollar Nose Bleed - it's like a cheery musical romp, if the lyrics weren't so depressive. But I love Brendon's part (actually, I think it sounds more like a panic song than a fob song) but the horns are great, and it reminds me so much like "i've got all this ringing..." (lol at me and all these old fob references, but it's what I think of when I hear them.) I like how it doesn't fit in with the record (and I think there's a church organ towards the middle somewhere). Patrick's vocal are killer, too. I didn't like Pete's spoken part at first, but now I love it. Wouldn't be a fob CD without it ;) (and a little screaming, finally! Leads in nicely to the last track.)

13. West Coast Smoker - I love how harsh this is. The second "oh hell yes" is badass. The whole father, son, holy ghost thing is a little weird, but I just go with it by now. Then there's that eeiry church chanting in the middle before pete's screaming "i'm a nervous wreck" (which I love, this cd was lacking pete screaming.) And the song just kind of stops and the cd is over, I like how it's abrupt. Makes you want to put it back on.

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