Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayhem! Music! ...Fashion?

One of the biggest award gatherings of the year, the VMA's bring together musicians from every genre to celebrate the art of the music video. What's even more celebrated, is what the stars (or their stylists!) choose to wear:


Edgy, unconventional, yet uniform. Rihnanna's rigid top and bottom create a combat-syle dress that flatters her figure and shows of her fabulous arms. A perfect look, except for the shoes - they're to match the white in her hair, probably? Overall, a good look for the Disturbia singer. 4/5

Kristen Stewart

A newbie to the VMA's and award shows alike, perhaps Kristen is just trying to find her own style. Her baggy, heavy dress doesn't accentuate her petite frame, making it look like a decorated potato sack. The dress color is dull, along with the pattern, and her two-tone hair and overdone eyeshadow make the look even messier. It's your grandma's dress and pumps - and not in a good way. At least she didn't show up in sweats? 2/5

Lauren Conrad

LC's white dress makes her skin look flawless, but the boxy cut of the top does little to show off her bust line - in fact it makes her look like there's not much at all. A negative effect than she wanted, I'm sure. But her flowly, loosely pulled hair with the shimmery dress shows that SoCal look that Lauren is famous for. 4/5

Katy Perry

Another newcomer to the scene, Katy steps out a creates a fashion look all of her own. Claiming all of her pieces come from thrift stores (she made the hairpiece herself!) she ignores red carpet cliches and instead, chooses a vintage top and high-waisted shorts circa 1950, throwing in purple pumps. Only backdraw? The tight shorts make her middle look puffy, almost as if she's wearing a diaper. Almost, but not quite right. 3/5

Christina Aquilera

This new mother is no stranger to the red carpet, always glamorous. Her floor-length gown highlights her new, curvy shape, hiding any bad areas left from pregnancy. But with a swooping gown, her hair falls too heavy and bangs too thick - it's mall meets glam, and it doesn't work. A sexy updo would complete the look and show off her smooth shoulder line. 3/5


The usually risque Pink chooses a carnivalesque, old-Hollywood glam for this year's red carpet. With a spiky bleached 'do, her shoulders look toned, and her black high-waist keeps the outfit together. It hangs long and heavy, reminiscent of curtains, but overall, adds to the effect. 5/5

Hayley Willams

Hayley tries to bring out her inner punk with teased hair, a green 80s prom dress with a bowite to match. No thank you. The hair is early scene-queen (Audrey Kitching, anyone?) the dress is a pasty green that clashes with her bright hair and pale skin, and the bowtie shows that she's trying too hard. Throw in her ripped mylons and boots, this look is more Halloween costume than read carpet. Find another way to express your inviduality, Hayley. 1/5

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