Sunday, February 10, 2008

ash wentzday

While trying to refrain commentary on the nature of this couple, can we talk fashion? And while I don't always agree with everything Ashlee does (i.e. reshaping face, working with Timbaland on songs that are so bad they're good, stealing my hair color, etc), her dress is adorable. It makes her look super-slim, and the color fits her skin and hair tones. The white belt is a perfect accent. Major drawback: huge clutch purse? My grandma had one of those, I think. Best to stick to a smaller bag, as to not take away from the outfit. And dang, Ashlee, but the hair isn't that bad.

Can we turn our heads towards the dude with the big head on the left? I don't hate his outfit, per-say, in fact I quite like the vest/scarf combo. And the hair is good, finally, with no ugly fedora to cover it either. But Wentz needs to either tuck it in, or wear a more slim-fitting shirt. It looks wrinkled, like he had tucked it at first, but decided having it hang out was so punk rock. Watch Ryan Ross and learn, or don't steal his look. And while I've always loved Pete's faded black jeans, they don't quite work with this outfit. Dark denim perhaps, or something else that complements the top half of the outfit. You can't wear those pants all the time.

On the whole, this look works. They complement each other and yes, are cute together.

Oh. Oh no. First, Ashlee's dress in horribly unflattering, a complete 180 from the previous dress. And paired with a red handbag and black nails, the gold/brown shimmery whatever-she's-wearing clashes. While the other dress complemented her skin and hair, this makes her look pale and her hair too brassy.

And Peter: what did I say about hats? Also, is he a pimp from the seventies in that velvet tux and open collar? It's not working for him. Especially matched with Ashlee's mess, the work fails together. My advice: stay in your comfort zones - you're not Hollywood's glam red carpet couple, stick to clothes that fit your personality.


June Paski said...

i don't like ashlee
i don't know why
i more like her when she have a black hairs, shes more look natural

and about pete, no comment

xo said...

I agree, I much preferred her black hair and real nose. Now she just annoys me.